Welcome to our website! Its main purpose is to help you organize your holiday in the most efficient and the fastest possible way. Starting from the consulting without forcing you to hire us to the entire organization, we are always at your disposal.


How It Works

We like to show you our entire offer right at the beginning so you can have a clear picture and decide easier which one you are going to take.



One of our most wanted offers cruising, of course. Whether you decide to explore Upper Thames or to explore Oxford Canal, you will get unbelievable peace thanks to our narrow boats that are more than easy to operate.

Online booking

Our website is user-friendly, and everyone can easily simply book his cruising. It is updated promptly and you can always see how many places have left.


We offer you all varieties of payment. For purchase in cash, we offer you a discount. However, if you prefer to pay in installments don’t worry we have various options.

Our boats



If you want a quiet and the exquisitely comfortable boat, this is the right choice for you. We use it for cruising, due to its ability to long rides.



If you prefer short rides that last no longer, then a day Albatross it the best solution for your adventure. It is fast and at the same time safe enough for bad weather rides.



Like the name says itself, this boat is more than safe, and we use it if the weather forecast announcesrainy days or storms. Don’t worry you will be safe inside of it.

Still Doubting?

  • The best cruise I have ever been on in my entire life. The food was amazing and the commodity!


  • Cool beans! Nice ride, what can I say. At night the rain was falling, and we didn’t notice at all.


  • My husband and I spend our honey moon on their cruise, and I must admit it was the most comfortable journey in my entire life.


  • I was born and raised here in Great Britain, and I have never realized how Oxford Canal can be interesting.